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End of year: where to go?

We arrive around Christmas. Within a few days, farewell 2012 and welcome the new year. Many are already on vacation or about to, but do not know what to do. Thinking about it, I decided to list some options for your holiday or for the holiday season.

If you run, you can buy airline tickets with discounts. Ideally, you do so at least 20 days in advance. Obviously hotels at this late date, are already finalizing their bookings, so do not expect prices comrades.

To facilitate your choice, I decided to give some tools for you to decide and build your trip according to your pocket size:

Place the tip of the pencil how much you want to spend and how many days your trip will take, after all, no point in dreaming of Christmas in New York if the money is barely enough to buy a turkey. Do not waste time and be realistic.

Site selection
Done planning, start site selection. If you have time and money, consider a trip or international resorts in the Brazilian Northeast. If not, stay in your state and regional short options.


The dream of any traveler is to spend Christmas in New York or Europe. This time of year, beyond the cities decorated, you have numerous options for shopping. As New York is one of the most visited cities in the world, your network is hosting giant. You have choices of prices and quality.

Europe and now that option is out of the books of Charles Dickens. The snow and cold may even bothering, but nothing will surpass the beauty of Paris, London or Rome. If you search well, you can still find some passages in promotional sites Takeoff, Alitalia, Iberia and Lufthansa.

Chile, Argentina, Peru and Uruguay international options are interesting and median costs. In these countries, the structure of the hostel is good and the ride can get a little cheaper. Not to mention that our currency is valued, so you start to have some advantage.

Santa Catarina and Rio Grande do Sul are two states drives for those who enjoy butterflies in the mountains. There are many tour options and a considerable supply of small hotels and inns. In the city of Gramado Gaucho, for example, this is the best time to walk around and meet the spectacular Christmas party in town. Besides Lawn, you can meet other small cities like Cinnamon and Nova Petrópolis.

If you are in São Paulo and want to stay within the state, the options are the beaches of the north coast and the tourist circuits inside. The biggest problem is that the beaches in December rains a lot and the area is packed with tourists, so you may not stress too much.

The interior of the options are very good and go from farm hotels, inns or small hotels scattered throughout the city. The circuit of the waters, for example, is an excellent option for anyone looking to relax by the pool or go horse riding.

Finally, if you want beach and sun output is to go to the northeast. For this option to be more into account, search and buy your tickets and hostel online.


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