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Is coming to the mobile world Mochileiro40tao !

Within a few days we will be launching a new marketing communication: the mobile world Mochileiro40tao, a technology project that will help - a lot - the communication of Brazilian tourists abroad.

We are doing some more testing in our system. We have 3 equipment traveling in Europe, USA and South America with our friends-travelers. The results are sensational: fast connections, practical use and very low values.


New telephony world will make life easier for Brazilian tourists

From now, call home will not be a problem for most tourists and backpackers Brazilians traveling abroad. The project Mochileiro40tao Global Mobile is offering a new service that will enable low cost international calls via the GSM system. "The Brazilian tourist rents a set composed of mobile already adapted and equipped with a chip worldwide and 100 minutes of credits for its international connections, and can be reloaded at any time via the Internet," explains journalist Eduardo Sona, creator of the project.

The project's goal is to resolve once and for all the problems of communication between travelers and their families. "Due to the high international roaming charges, costs to use the phone outside Brazil are prohibitive," says Sona, "moreover, many travelers do not like to take their notebooks, a cheap solution, but it depends on a connection internet to use Skype, for example. Our system allows the tourist to call home at any time and place where it is without complications, it is underneath the Eiffel Tower or the Colosseum inside "jokes Sona.

Another attraction is the value: the location of the complete set for 7 days and 100 minutes with credits for links costs $ 170.00, which came out less than 2 minutes of the actual call. "If you search the values ​​of Brazilian operators will see, for example, the operator TIM charges $ 4.50 per minute of call received or made, ie, you pay to make and receive calls. This without taking into account that no breach of minutes, or if you speak one minute and 20 seconds, two minutes will be charged, "concludes Sona.

The journalist explains that many are being closed partnerships with travel agencies in the Campinas region for offering this service. In addition, Internet users in the cities of Vineyard, Jundiaí Louveira, Valinhos and Itupeva may contract the service through the site www.mochileiro40tao.com

About the project Mochileiro40tao

The multimedia project Mochileiro40tao was developed with the goal of providing information, services and products for backpackers and tourists traveling very traditional, but spending little. The project also includes a program for cable TV's on display at 13 stations, Internet, website, blog, publications and services. To learn about the project, visit www.mochileiro40tao.com

New telephony world will make life easier for Brazilian tourists
Eduardo Sona
19 3848 2047/11 98505 7126
eduardo.sona @ gmail.com

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